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Why do you have tooth pain?

Ouch! You’ve probably heard someone say this, or you yourself say this, when you have tooth pain. Tooth pain isn’t fun, and often, it’s signs that there might be other problems there. However, do you know what could be going on? There are a few reasons why you might have tooth pain, and why you should see your dentist right away, and here they are.

The biggest culprit is tooth decay. This is when there is too much damage to your teeth, to the point where it’s at the dentin level of the tooth, and often is a sign of a poor diet and brushing habits. This occurs when you have sugars in your mouth, and they’re fed on by bacteria. This creates an acid, which forms plaque, and if it’s not removed by normal means such as oral care or seeing the dentist, then boom, you’ve got tooth decay. This leads to cavities, and if that isn’t fully taken care of, you might end up getting an infection on the tooth pulp, and it can lead to an abscess, which isn’t good at all. Get to your dentist right away. As a good rule of thumb, the longer you wait, the worse it gets, so don’t sit on this.

Then there is a cracked tooth. This isn’t always obvious, but if you start to notice a lot of pain when you’re chewing or when you have extreme heat or cold, then the outer enamel might be cracked. The piece of this might move around, and that can irritate the inner pulp, which in turn makes you feel tooth pain. Now, you need to see the dentist as soon as you realize this. Waiting too long could cause the roots of the tooth to die, especially if they are exposed. Plus, think of all the pain that you’ll be in. see them now before it’s too late, and you can get it extracted right away.

Now, there is the case of the abscessed tooth. This is when you’ve got a persisting toothache, which is an abscess. This is an infection at the root of the tooth, where you might see that your gums are red and swollen. You might even have a fever and swollen glands at the neck. You might have a bad taste in your mouth, which is a sure sign of infection. You need to get in and see a dentist who will give you antibiotics immediately to drain it and to help with the infection. If it spreads, this causes irreversible tissue damage.

Sometimes, tooth pain can also be deceiving. It might not even be a tooth problem at all. If you notice that there is a dull ache in the upper back area of the teeth, along with a headache, that is a sign that you might actually have inflamed sinuses and pain. If you notice that you’re coughing, along with bringing up mucous that is yellow and green and blowing your nose a lot, then you should consider this option. Obviously, in this case, your dentist might not be able to help you. You’ll need to see an ENT or a doctor that will tell you the cause of the symptoms along with prescribing an antibiotic.

Finally, there is tooth sensitivity. This often happens if you’re breathing in cold air or consuming hot and cold drinks. If that is the case, often the best way to fix this is to use tooth sensitivity toothpaste to help dull it. Your doctor can prescribe it. It also might mean there is something deeper than just ordinary pain, s you should always go to the dentist to check it out.

With all of these things, you should see the dentist chandler az. Simple as that. They can help you with this problem, and they can treat you right away if it’s anything serious. It just might be, you never know, so it’s best not to play with this sort of thing. That’s really what all of the reasons for tooth pain are, and if you notice you have this, it’s time to take care of this, see a doctor, and get the help.

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